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        List of guides       

New guides will be added to the list as they become available

Basic Written English
by Bill Ball, Rhea Williams & Tony Scott
Basic Written English (Part 2)
Basic Written English (Part 3)

Business (formal) Writing
by Sidney Callis
Business (formal) Writing Part 2
Business (formal) Writing Part 3
Business (formal) Writing Part 4

Punctuation Guide
by Dr Bernard Lamb

The Double Negative
by Bill Ball and Tony Scott

Grammatical Attraction
by Bill Ball

The Hyphen Puzzle
by Bill Ball
The Hyphen Puzzle Part 2

....'Get off of my cloud'
by Douglas Hitchman

Verbless Sentences
by Bill Ball

My Husband And I
by Ted Bell

Substitute and Replace
by Ted Bell

Causative theme in English
by David Wulstan

Balancing correlative conjunctions
by Bill Ball

Clause analysis
by Bill Ball

     The QES Useful Guides to English     

Thanks to the support of a few QES members, the list of Useful Guides to English is slowly growing in number. Topics include a complete guide to punctuation, formal business writing techniques and several pages devoted to basic written English.

Take a look at the available guides and if you can come up with additional suitable topics, please get in touch with the Project Co-ordinator.  It's ideas we need and you may not want to actually write the material, but we will arrange all of that, including the preparation for publication on our website. In the meantime, our thanks to those who have submitted items for this important project.