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Learner's guide to everyday English                                                               Basic written English

Business formal writing
Punctuation Guide
The double negative
Gramatical Attractions
The hyphen puzzle
Get off of my cloud
Verbless sentences
My husband and I
Substitute and replace

Causative theme in English

Books of possible interest       

Links to other websites of interest                                                       

The Goodchild Prize for Excellent English                                         

Winner 2012/13

Winner 2011/12

Winner 2010/11

Winner 2009/10

The lighter side - a humorous look at the way people use English                                    

        More matters on the lighter side

About us                                                                                              

 More about us


 QES Policy Document           

 Who's who

        Campaign (contd).
             One in five - unable to read
             Spelling standards of undergraduates
             British education - 2010
             An ex-teacher reminisces


        Teaching in the UK today

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