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The Plain Language Commission

We can help you use plain-English principles to clarify your web and printed communications.
We work for all kinds of organisations - government departments, financial services companies, registered social landlords, regulators, ombudsmen, local authorities, pension schemes, hospital trusts, utilities, telecom companies and international law firms.
The Plain Language Commission



Oxford Dictionary

AskOxford has been reincarnated as Oxford Dictionaries Online, a brand new dictionary and language reference site from Oxford, with a comprehensive dictionary, practical language resources, articles, FAQs, games, and much more.
Oxford Dictionaries on-line

Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Cambridge Dictionaries on-line

Collins Dictionary (online)

Collins has been a pioneering dictionary publisher since 1819. Constantly at the forefront of language change and drawing from its 4.5 billion word corpus, the largest word database of its kind. not only translates across 50 languages but is the only online dictionary open to new word submissions from the public.

ONE LOOK Dictionary

19,044,271 words in 1062 dictionaries indexed.
One Look Dictionary

Another source of interesting pieces about the English Language is the British Council.

The British Council.

The Queen's English Society does not promote these sites but includes them for information and interest.