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Facebook launch

In 2022, the Queen’s English Society celebrated its 50th anniversary and half a century of promoting clear and elegant expression of the English language. As we enter our sixth decade, we are delighted to have launched our updated Facebook page on which we will issue regular bulletins relating to the society’s activities. 
One of those activities will be a regular poetry competition open to all with a cash prize for the winning entry – please follow this link to our page and select 'Like' - our posts and further news of the competition should then come up on your timeline.
We are also very excited to have launched our new Facebook group. This is an interactive forum in which members will be able to post, subject to group rules, on matters relating to the origins and use of the English language as it is written and spoken around the Unilted Kingdom and the world, articles, poems, sections of prose, anecdotes, or quotations – anything that will provide interest and stimulate discussion.
Please follow this link to request membership:
We look forward to your contributions in the group, whether they be posts, comments, or reactions, and to many fascinating, informative, and entertaining debates.